What is Steemit

In short Steemit is a social media platform on the blockchain. You may get rewarded for creating content, comment on others content or upvoting others content.


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You are rewarded in crypto currencies called STEEM and Steem Power. The more Steem Power you have the more your upvotes are worth. 25% of the rewards for a post will go to those who upvoted the post and are distributed in relation to the Steem Power among the upvoters. 75% goes to the author of the post. The distribution algorithm is a bit complex and developed to avoid automated voting and bots. I may come back to how the distribution works in a later note.

STEEM and Steem dollars are traded on crypto currency exchanges like bittrex where you can trade them for e.g. bitcoins. You can also use your STEEM or Steem dollars to buy more Steem power.

There is also a reputation count wich will rise as you get more upvotes. If you produce content that is flagged you loose reputation.

I’m on Steemit

My alias is @bhj and you’ll find me on steemit.com/@bhj

Join in here steemit.com and start producing content!